About us

We are Ingenio Filtraciones. This company was built in 2019 looking forward to bring the best as possible, mobile services to the wine industry. This company follows the state of art permanently in order to improve mobile services. Once we detect something that can be done better, we just do it!

We are a cutting-edge company who believes must keep this attitude towards work since the wine market is permanently changing and every year becomes more difficult than the last one. Regarding VA reduction, we use only RO membranes in order to keep total acidity. We are different to other alternatives since we use the best around the world and we improve every year.

We love challenges. Thanks to CORFO (Chilean government department in charge of sponsoring several projects) we developed methods in order to remove pesticides from wine. We also developed an unique method to reduce total SO2 from wine (patent pending INAPI 002555). This activity is 100% compliable with organic or biodynamic wines, has been tested in several wine facilities using no other element but membranes and regular gases such as nitrogen and CO2. Even wines such as Sauvignon blanc have been reduced in total SO2 and winemakers have been perfectly satisfied with our efforts.

Products (Spares and machine sales) and Services


VA reduction: We are the unique company that promotes reverse osmosis and diaphragm pump to increase pressure. This type of pump promotes a gentile service and no heating. We also use cation and anion exchange resins in order to keep proper pH and the end of the service.

Brett Character Reduction (4EP & 4EG reduction): We consider using the best products in order to enhance fruit and wood character in wine. Normally, wines affected with Brett are top quality wines (barreled) and the intervention must be the best as possible. We consider Brett character not a completely bad situation. Sometimes a wine may improve organoleptic characteristics with the presence of these aromas. We understand sometimes contest are won thanks to a small Brett presence; hence we promote a complete service in order to adjust the level properly. The final level for these aromatic phenols makes a huge difference in order to improve wine characteristics or decrease the quality perception. How the wine gets aged on the bottle is an absolutely relevant matter in order to keep desired characteristics for a long term.

Smoke Taint Reduction: We use basically the same equipment for Brett reduction but we advise the winery in several aspects. Guaiacols are the relevant molecules to remove. It is relevant to have these molecules in a free mode from larger molecules such as sugars. We got the experience. Sometimes, if there is a hurry, it becomes necessary to add beta glucosidase activity enzymes to the wine before the intervention with Ingenio Filtraciones machines.

Alcohol Reduction and/or alcohol adjustment:
A winemaker may possibly desire to change the alcohol content due to the following situations:

1) Match the alcohol content with the labels in stock
2) Enhance the fruit character and drinkability of the wine with a lower alcohol content.
3) Search for the sweetspot regarding alcohol content. Sweetspot is a concept used in the food industry not only regarding alcohol content. Every component offers somehow a sweetspot. Alcohol adjustment after a trial in order to taste different alternatives may improve wine up to levels winemakers never dreamt before. Sometimes wines end fermentation and total alcohol may reach up to 16%. Winemakers may taste the same wine with different levels of alcohol, e.g. moving from 13.0 up to 15.8% and after tasting them (blind tasting is best) may decide which level is the best. This is the sweetspot for wine regarding alcohol content and we are fast promoting samples.
4) Offer a different product to the portfolio
5) Non alcoholic wine. This market grows every year and considers new driving politics around the world, pregnant women, cultures that do not drink alcohol, among others.

Tartric Stability
We may promote two different services in order to remove potassium from wine basically:

1. Ultrafiltration dialysis with cation exchange resins.
2. Cation Exchange resins intervention passing the wine directly. With this service pH drops a lot but is very good considering wines aged for more than a year and/or wines with pH over 3.7
3. Pyrazines Reduction: These molecules are not big deal if the content is very low and the taster might find extra complexity as happens with some Sauvignon blancs rich with thiols. When pyrazines are high and the taster brings the concept of greenness to his mind it is not a good attribute. We have a solution for this issue using a process very similar to Brett reduction but needs to consider a larger bead of resins. Bring balance to the wine is a relevant subject.

Wine Concentration: In order to make easy to understand how relevant may become this service please consider that aging wine in barrel for a whole year represents a 10% concentration or so. A barrel needs to be filled with more wine every month. This volume represents more or less a 10% of the volume inside the barrel. “La part des anges” call the French to the water and alcohol that evaporates from the barrels and depending on temperature and humidity in the barrel room, normally moves from 5 to 10% after a whole year. Concentrating wine may promote this situation in a single day job. With wine concentration wine quality may be improved since anthocyanidins and aromatic compounds levels increase. With this, a winery may offer better quality in new markets, may also promote product differentiation and may also increase white wine production since permeate exists with no color thanks to RO membranes and permeate (from red wine) may get blended with white wines.

Several other Odd Flavors Reduction: Ingenio Filtraciones owners have been working in the wine field over 20 years as cellar workers and winemakers in charge of facilities. Then, promoting mobile services with machines since 2008. We believe we are a team with more experience around the world regarding winemaking and wine improvements. We are not other but winemakers at winemakers' service. We know how to remove other molecules in wine too such as: DES, plastic off flavor, rotor pumps off flavor and even animal farms aromas from wine.

Total SO2 Reduction: We are glad to offer a patent pending service (Request No 201902555 and INAPI 002555). We would like to thank Mr. Matías Melnick, a winemaker friend of us that pushed and helped us to improve this method. In simple words: if 100,000 litres of wine have very high total SO2 we may provide 98,000 litres of wine with proper total SO2 content and the other 2,000 litres are not gone to the drain but keep super extra levels of total SO2 and may get blended or used for other purposes.